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3 Keys to Sustainable Construction Equipment Manufacturing

Optimas | May 4, 2022


Is There Such a Thing as a Sustainable Construction Equipment Manufacturer?

With the Ten Point Plan, the UK Prime Minister is providing businesses with a tangible road map toward sustainability. The strategy establishes new benchmarks the government expects companies to hit to meet decarbonisation goals and the net-zero emissions target by 2050.

For construction OEMs, embracing sustainable manufacturing will be a steeper learning curve than most. While expectations are high, many aren’t sure where to start in terms of lowering emissions. Some companies are adopting sustainable processes through practices such as nearshoring, using reusable repackaging, and using more environmentally friendly production methods.

If you’re struggling to find your net-zero emissions rhythm, look inward. There are some qualities you can prioritise and practise, and nurturing them internally could be the lift you need to understand what sustainable manufacturing means to you.


1. Purchase Responsibility

Companies take on high costs across the supply chain, and not all of these expenses have been well-scrutinised before. A simple first step toward your net-zero goals would be to evaluate your spending and ask, “Where is this coming from?”

Determine how much of your revenue comes from environmentally responsible or renewable sources. That process will unearth a list of potential opportunities to make your supply chain more local and trackable.


2. Transparency

Supply chain transparency is another quality your company can nurture to stabilise emissions usage. There are probably many hidden factors within your supply chain and product composition.

Getting transparent about these factors could mean publishing environmental product declarations or a corporate sustainability report. In those documents, you can practise accountability by detailing how your processes and materials impact the surrounding areas.


3. A Repurposing Mindset

When procuring product parts and materials in the past, you’ve probably looked toward high-quality, efficient, cost-effective supplies. Now, you can also have a low-carbon mindset when you’re sourcing materials.

Take inventory of everything you’re sourcing and set goals for how much can be repurposed or recycled. If there are elements that need to go to a landfill one day, how could you cut down on these elements to reduce your carbon impact?

For construction OEMs aiming at a net-zero emissions target, the best place to start is to see what you’re doing already. Simply encouraging and developing a mindset of sustainable manufacturing in your company will begin to tip the balance.

As a partner, Optimas Solutions has the expertise and resources in place to build relevant, best-in-class connections with OEMs, no matter what your sustainability goals may be. Contact us to learn more.