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Appliance Manufacturing: Fasteners and Sourcing Solutions

Optimas | February 2, 2023

As commercial kitchen appliance manufacturing evolves, businesses are developing products that both prioritise energy efficiency and use advanced technology, like smart fridges, generating significant demand for the industry.

Supplying products like fridges, food processors, dishwashers and ovens, the commercial kitchen appliance market is expected to undergo considerable growth over the next 5 years, driven by the uptick in demand for large-scale catering and the growth of popularity of QSRs (Quick Service Restaurants). 

Despite the market’s impressive growth, however, manufacturers are suffering from increased lead times and product shortages, making it difficult to meet demand. It’s important, then, that manufacturers prioritise using quality fasteners at every stage of the production process to avoid appliance downtime and maintenance, which can lead to costly reworks, warranty replacements and damaged business reputations. It’s also crucial that manufacturers streamline their supply chains to prioritise resiliency, so they can get these key parts to their production line when they need them. 


Here are two main considerations for commercial kitchen equipment manufacturers: 


  1. Quality Standard Fasteners 

Commercial kitchen appliance manufacturers require a considerable number of standard fasteners for their products, that often need to withstand high temperatures, abrasive cleaning products and wet environments to avoid failing in their application. 

Materials like stainless steel and galvanised zinc coatings achieve excellent corrosion resistance. Plus, when combined with chromium, nickel or molybdenum, steel fasteners become stain resistant, and therefore optimised for use in kitchen appliance applications. They can also withstand extremely high temperatures without the risk of deformation. 

Fasteners may make up only 1% of a project’s budget, but they can make up nearly 50% of a product’s parts, so the benefits of partnering with an industry expert are clear. Optimas supply over 9 billion quality parts a year, made from a wide range of materials and strength grades for optimum performance.  

     2. A Streamlined Supply Chain 

The aftereffects of the COVID-19 pandemic combined with recent global economic and political challenges have led to a continuation of supply chain instability. Some manufacturers are reporting up to 50-week lead times and intense product shortages, making it increasingly difficult to get these crucial parts to production lines and meet demand. 

Not only do Optimas supply quality fasteners of a range of material types to kitchen appliance manufacturers, but we do so through our 4000-strong global supplier network. We have distribution centres across Europe, Asia and North America, so whatever the state of supply chains, we can provide you with a reliable inventory. 


With 100 years’ experience distributing quality fasteners to our customers, we can supply a wide range of standard parts for any commercial kitchen appliance application. Contact us to maximise your production efficiencies and secure your supply chain.