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This month I’d like to talk more about onshoring, which, it’s fair to say, is a bit of a hot topic at the moment.

For all manufacturers, continuity of supply is absolutely key, and as mentioned in the newsletter last month, supply chains are facing significant head winds, dealing with shortages, extended lead times, unexpected tariffs — different aspects that could all result in lost production. This combined with the ever increasing costs of shipping goods in containers, in some cases being quoted 10 times the price of a container 12 months ago, sourcing product from UK based distributors and manufacturers has never been more relevant.

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As it stands, offshoring is a risky business, companies should be looking to source locally, seeking that supply stability. I’m pleased to say our manufacturing facility in Droitwich (UK) is helping many businesses navigate these challenges by providing supply chain security and efficiencies, and superior-quality fastenings. I would encourage you to please get in touch if this is a problem we can help you solve.

Earlier this month, with the momentum behind our MRO offering growing, several Optimas team members attended a fantastic supplier training day at one of our partners sites and to gain first-hand experience, I was delighted to join them. On what was a very well organised day, myself and the team watched demonstrations of many of the core industrial products we are excited to be able to provide our customers with.

Thanks for reading.

Mike Tuffy
President of International

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