Optimas Invests In New Cold Headers To Boost Onshore Manufacturing

Published On: June 16th, 2021

Machines IncreasCapacity for Larger Diameter Fasteners, Boosts Overall Production at Wood Dale, IL Manufacturing Facility

Wood Dale, IL – June 16, 2021 – Optimas Solutions, a global industrial manufacturer/distributor and service provider, announced today the acquisition of a Chun Zu and Formax four die, four blow cold header manufacturing machines that will increase Optimas’ capabilities to deliver larger format diameter fasteners and free up existing cold headers to provide more onshore support for smaller fasteners. The investment is designed to boost Optimas’ ability to better meet demand in manufacturing fasteners for distribution and for OEM customers directly.

“The addition of these machines puts us on a higher playing field that few in the industry can match,” said Marc Strandquist, CEO of Optimas. “The efficiency of these cold headers will allow us to increase our ability to make larger diameter fasteners while freeing up other machines to produce smaller diameter fasteners, all helping us improve our output at all sizes. Most important, it helps our customers struggling to get products given stress on the supply chain and inventory shortages.”

According to Strandquist, the addition of the Chun Zu cold header and the Formax will increase Optimas’ onshore manufacturing capabilities overall. The Chun Zu machine will increase production by 3 million additional complex parts per month within the diameter range of 18mm to 22 mm. This will allow Optimas to further focus on industries that require large diameter complex parts, such as agricultural equipment, automotive, construction equipment, and heavy-duty trucking. These fasteners are used commonly in chassis, engines, suspension systems, and water pumps on these types of machines.

The Formax will improve Optimas’ manufacturing competencies of fasteners up to 18mm in diameter. It adds to Optimas’ production on the company’s existing large diameter Formax machines, reducing lead times because of the added manufacturing capabilities onshore.

“We are very excited to add these cold headers because it is a big part of increasing our manufacturing capabilities and serving existing OEM markets better while being able to pursue other markets,” said Strandquist. “It is a big step in our manufacturing solutions strategy we announced last year which will allow us to go after OEMs directly more effectively and continue to build on our ability to serve all our customers’ needs.”

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