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Promoting Manufacturing Sustainability

From our fastener manufacturing to our component, MRO and PPE distribution facilities, we’re using 100% renewable green energy.

Powered by renewable energy – We continue to demonstrate our commitment to a greener, more sustainable future.

What steps are you taking?

Sustainability awareness is quite rightly at an all-time high and is playing a key role in the way all companies operate.

With the focus firmly on industry to play a crucial role in addressing ways of protecting our natural environment and human and ecological health.

Investing in innovation and investing in a greener future for generations – Optimas are setting the standard.


Powered by Renewable Energy


The Future of Industrial Processes Is Electrification


Partner with Optimas to Achieve  Your Sustainability Targets

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100% of Optimas UK facilities (6 sites manufacturing and distribution) powered by renewable energy.

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89% of cold forming waste material is recycled with 0% sent to landfill.

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100% additive manufacturing waste recycled.

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The transportation of goods total 16.2% of all global greenhouse gas emissions. Onshoring significantly reduces carbon footprint. Through our UK manufacturing facility, we are ready to help you source sustainably

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We source PPE from manufacturers who proactively research and produce eco-friendly solutions such as safety gloves made from 50% recycled materials.

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