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Permabond® manufactures many types of industrial adhesive products to suit the varied needs of a number of different industries.

Permabond – Leaders in industrial engineering adhesives

Permabond’s history of developing and manufacturing engineering adhesives spans five decades and three continents. Today, Permabond Engineering Adhesives Ltd (Europe & Asia) and Permabond LLC (Americas) provide technological solutions to engineers all over the world, with offices and facilities in America, Asia, and Europe, backed by a high-tech ISO 9001 certified production plant in Europe.

Adhesive Products

Permabond A130 Threadlocker

Anaerobic Adhesives & Sealants

  • Retaining compound – Bond and seal cylindrical joints
  • Threadlocker – Bonds and seals threaded metal fasteners
  • Thread Sealant – Bonds and seals threaded pipes and fittings
  • Form in Place Gasket – Create a gasket directly on a part
Permabond Cyanoacrylate Adhesive 240

Cyanoacrylate Adhesives

  • Metal and plastic bonding
  • Low Odor – Non-Blooming
  • Surface Insensitive for Acidic Surfaces
  • High-Temperature Resistant
Permabond Single Part Epoxy ES562

Single-Part Epoxies

  • Rubber toughened for high-peel strength and impact resistance
  • No mixing required
  • Excellent environmental durability
  • Rapid cure increases production rates
  • Solvent free improves workplace safety
  • Cost savings over brazing and welding
  • Low odor improves workplace environment
Permabond Two Part Epoxy ET5428

Two-Part Epoxies

  • High peel strength increases design versatility
  • Durability increases material choices
  • Rapid cure increases production rates
  • Solvent-free improves workplace safety
  • Room temperature cure reduces equipment & energy costs
  • Low odor improves the workplace environment
Permabond MS Polymer MS359A

Modified Epoxy and MS Polymer Adhesives

  • Paintable and non-corrosive
  • Fast tack free time
  • Adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • No primer needed
  • Weather Resistant – No cracking or splitting
  • Ease of Application – Use in most weather conditions
Permabond Polyurethane Adhesive PT321

Polyurethane Adhesives

  • Various set times
  • Adhesion to a variety of substrates
  • No primer needed
  • Good tensile strength
  • Ease of application
Permabond Structural Acrylic Adhesive TA4302

Structural Acrylic Adhesive

  • Room Temperature Cure – eliminates ovens and other equipment.
  • Rapid Cure – increases daily output to reduce production costs.
  • Versatile – suitable for bonding a variety of substrates to increase design freedom.
  • Technical Support – application specialists available for assistance with joint design, adhesive selection, and production process.
Permabond UV Light Cure Adhesive UV610

UV Light Cure Adhesives

  • High Strength Bonds
  • Cure Only When Exposed to Light – permits alignment of parts prior to bonding
  • Select a Cure Speed – double production speed by adding another lamp to the line
  • Solvent-free – Non-flammable – increase safety
  • Single Part Product – No mixing required
  • 100% solids – No waste

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