Optimas Fasteners Components Scale


Easy and secure access to in-demand industrial supplies.

Optimas Vending Solutions provides thousands of companies secure/automated distribution and replenishment of MRO and PPE  to prioritise safety as well as standardise production and facility upkeep

Control Your Inventory and Monitor Usage

With multiple vending machine options, Optimas provides convenient, 24 hour access to tools, equipment and consumables for aiding production, efficiency and skills. Three machine types, OPTI-Weigh, OPTI-Vend and OPTI-Drawer offer variable configurations based on product types, quantities required and package sizes.

Some of the many benefits of our vending solutions are:

  • Improved indirect usage and spend overview
  • Goods ordered automatically upon part removal from machine
  • Operation of machine via individual pin code, ID badge or finger print
  • Typically reduces material consumption by 20 – 30%
  • Individually tailored product release
  • Ensure correct items are issued for the job
  • 24/7 support
  • Remote unlock in the event of breakdown
  • Machines can be supplied with Optimas or customer branding (additional charge)
  • Monthly lease option available

Custom made solutions available:

  • Vend by weight
  • Vend by drawer
  • Pick by kit
Optimas Vending OPTI-Mobile


  • Create your own virtual storeroom layout
  • Supports single or multiple storerooms
  • Multiple devices can be used in conjunction across multiple sites
  • Secure connection via 4G or WiFi
  • Manage over 10,000 locations or products
  • Proactive stock level alerts
  • Cost centre allocation and usage tracking
  • Generate instant ad-hoc orders on the move


  • Restrict access to cabinets, cages and storerooms
  • Issue a customised pick receipt with our exclusive printer option
  • Restrict access by user or product
  • Electronic inventory alerts
  • Allocation codes for usage tracking
  • Check in, check out returnable assets
  • Standard and customer inventory reports
Optimas Vending OPTI-Virtual
Optimas Vending Machine OPTI-Weigh


  • Total solution for all inventory control needs
  • Reconfigurable modular design
  • Supply scale option for weight-based control
  • Control multiple items from a single location
  • 24/7 secured access
  • Company branding options available
  • Comprehensive usage reporting
  • Proactive automated restock requests
  • Large intuitive touchscreen interface
  • What, when, where, why – full product audit trails


  • Average capacity 300 – 400 pieces
  • Maximum SKUs is 70 articles
  • Maximum weight per tray 45kg
  • 10 dispense aids to control diverse product such as batteries
  • 24/7 secured access
  • Wrap around LED lighting for easier product identification
  • Absolute control – no article leaves the machine unaccounted for
  • Large Lexan clear or solid steel door option for additional security
  • Easy to reconfigure – No tools required
  • What, when, where, why – full product audit trails
Optimas Vending Machine OPTI-Vend


  • Single or multiple item dispensing
  • Easy to add on auxiliary units
  • Optimised for rapid refill
  • 24/7 secured access
  • See-through storage bins
  • Scale option for weight-based control system
  • Large touchscreen interface for admin tasks
  • Fork lift base for easy movement
  • Kitting option available
  • What, when, where, why – full product audit trails

Remote Support

Offline Device Reporting

If network connection is lost at the vending machine,
Tooling Intelligence attempt to solve the issue remotely.
If the issue cannot be solved remotely, an alert is sent to
the site contact(s) and monitored from the Partner Portal.

Offline Controller Reporting

A device controller includes SmartDrawer drawer covers,
SupplyBay controllers, SupplySystem storage locations. If a
controller is damaged or disconnected, Tooling Intelligence
attempt to solve the issue remotely. If the issue cannot be
solved remotely, an alert is sent to the site contact(s) and
monitored from the Partner Portal.

Automatic Polling Prompts

Occasionally, SupplyPro devices can pause polling and
require manual intervention to resume polling. ESM
automatically resumes polling if the process is paused
(requires network connection).

Device Configuration Reporting

Each device is monitored to provide IP Configuration /
network adapter data, Operating System data, Agent
software updates and process logs

Remote Connection

Connect to the vending machine to control or monitor
activity from the Tooling Intelligence Partner Portal using
your computer, laptop or tablet. No additional software
(e.g. TeamViewer) is required.

Transaction Backup

In the event of any prolonged loss of access to SupplyPro
SSIS SupplyPort, ESM allows transaction and current
inventory reports to be retrieved directly from the device.

ESM does not interfere with the SupplyPro device user
interface and installation is completed remotely with
minimal interruption. ESM installation is completed within
60 minutes (TeamViewer connection permitting)

Unparalleled Expertise

Our mission is to understand the unique requirements of your supply chain and work with you to identify the most suitable inventory management solution, expertly configured to tick the boxes. We know the installation of new equipment can be a challenge in busy working environments. That’s why our equipment is built, configured and tested ahead of delivery to ensure a seamless installation. As your business evolves and your requirements change, our experts will support you with everything from company personnel changes to a full redesign of the system.

Remote and On-site support

Our inventory management solutions are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments with little maintenance. With our exclusive remote connection software, device health checks, scheduled upgrades and emergency maintenance can be conducted remotely. When a site visit is required, our team of expert engineers are available for prompt and efficient service.

Training and Development

User and administrator training is part of every installation, from vending machine operators and shop floor supervisors to sales and financial teams. After installation our friendly team is on hand to provide expert support every step of the way. Our partners benefit from unlimited training sessions, conducted with your teams remotely or at our Midlands based Demo Centre.

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