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Contactless Replenishment

Contactless Replenishment is our COVID-secure, self-service managed inventory system designed to keep your production lines moving, reduce costs and most importantly, protect your employees.


The safety of our working environment is at the forefront of everyone’s minds right now, along with the need to find efficiencies to combat the ever-increasing pressure from the global pandemic. Our Contactless Replenishment service is the answer.

Optimise Your Inventory With Optimas

We will provide you with everything you need to manage your fasteners and components in the most efficient and safe way.

How Contactless Replenishment Works

The Benefits

Covid Secure
Protect your staff and ours.  No Optimas staff needed in your buildings.

Brexit Beating
On-shore your supply of all fasteners and components avoiding future lead-time and tariff/duty uncertainty.

Efficiency Gains and Soft Cost-Saving
Consolidation of orders and invoices to one supply partner.

One Kit
Technology, racks, bins & infrastructure supplied by Optimas (dependent on service agreement type).

Virtual Training
Covers scanning, replenishment and best practice.

Wait, There’s More
Reduced fastener and component inventory, less overheads, higher productivity, improved demand planning, minimised excess & obsolescence.

20% Less Suppliers | 45% On-Hand Inventory Reduction | 540 Labour Hour Savings

By partnering with Optimas, I now have control and full visibility of our inventory which allows me to make the right decision at the right time. I also have the ability to focus my team on those tasks where we can really make a difference.

Rogelio Martínez, Materials Manager, EZI Metales

The Systems

OptiTech Inventory Management JIT Systems
JIT System
Is a secure, cloud-based just-in-time platform that receives and processes orders from any OptiTech VMI Solution. Access customised, real-time reports for greater transparency into your fastener inventory and consumption data.

Uses the latest weighing technology to measure real-time fastener and component inventory status down to the part quantity level in a bin. Embedded sensors monitor the weight capacity and then automatically trigger orders based on pre-defined min/max levels and reorder/unit pack sizes. Stock levels can be accessed 24/7/365. OptiScale can be configured in a bin, shelf or container.

Uses advanced radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology to automate inventory replenishment. When empty bins are placed on an RFID mat on the rack shelf, it detects the RFID chip embedded in the bin label and then wirelessly triggers an order. OptiRack can be set up in any designated area— a supermarket, area rack or at the point of use.

Uses advanced RFID technology to automate inventory replenishment. An RFID antenna points to a designated area—a pallet, cage, gaylord container or bulk area. When an empty bin is placed in that area, the antenna detects the RFID chip embedded in the bin label and then wirelessly triggers an order.

Uses advanced RFID technology to automate inventory replenishment. Each bin has a unique card with an RFID embedded chip. When the bin is empty or low, simply remove the card and place it inside the OptiDrop box to wirelessly trigger an order. OptiDrop can be placed at any location inside the plant.

Uses the latest in scanning and barcode technology for easy inventory replenishment. Our cellular-enabled scanners allow Optimas or the customer to check inventory levels and send orders instantly. The scanner includes auditing software so you can search parts, validate bin location and set optimal reorder/unit pack sizes.


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