Optimas Industrial Supplies MRO PPE rochure


Fasteners, components and supply chain solutions for domestic and commercial appliances.

Optimas Industrial Supplies MRO PPE rochure

Industrial Supplies

MRO and PPE for all industry sectors.  Safety equipment,  adhesives, tools and more.

Optimas Lighting Brochure


Fasteners, components and supply chain solutions for lighting applications.

Optimas PPE & MRO Consumables Brochure

Consumables Guide

An overview of our extensive range of PPE and MRO along with tips to get you organised.

Optimas Components Catalogue


14,000+ standard fasteners for OEMs including cable glands, strain relief bushings, grommets, finishing plugs, push rivets and much more.

Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Products Catalogue

Sofrasar Tunnel

From guiding rods to bolt systems, packers to grout-lift systems, Sofrasar Tunnel’s product system has everything that you could need for securing your tunnel.


Optimas Contactless Replenishment Brochure

Contactless Replenishment

Our self-serviced managed inventory system designed to reduce your costs and keep your staff safe.

Optimas Fastener Manufacturing Brochure

Fastener Manufacturing

Using state-of-the-art cold forming technology, we can manufacture all your fastening needs.

Optimas Inventory Management Brochure

Inventory Management

Using advanced technology, we can automate your inventory replenishment saving you time and money.

Optimas 3D Printing Brochure

Industrial 3D Printing

Additive manufacturing for rapid prototyping and end-use production fasteners and components.

Optimas Engineering & Quality Brochure

Engineering & Quality

Learn how our engineering and quality experts can deliver cost savings whilst maintaining or improving quality.


Optimas Solutions Company Brochure

Company Overview

Optimas are a fastener manufacturer and distributor, and supply chain solutions provider.  Find out how we can help your business.

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