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Licensed Fastener Brands

We supply genuine, high-performance bolts and screws to support the manufacturing requirements of our customers.

Optimas can supply its customers with next-generation fastening solutions which guarantee measurable advantages: improved performance, reduced installation times, weight savings and cost savings.

Mortorq Super Spiral Fastener

MORTORQ® Super Spiral

The MORTORQ® Super Spiral Drive System offers outstanding operational and cost efficiencies. It’s unique shape provides full contact of the driver over the recess wing resulting in extremely high torque capability without risk of damage to the fastener, tool, or surrounding area. This ensures that MORTORQ® fasteners are able to withstand damage and still be removed.

  • Full driver-to-recess wall contact
  • Lower loading per mm2
  • Optimum torque transfer
  • Ability to remove damaged, corroded or seized fasteners
  • Eliminated drill outs
  • Stronger head-to-shank design
  • Reduced weight
  • Off-angle driving
  • Ability to remove fasteners even with heavy paint build up
  • Assured removal of fastener under severe conditions


MAThread® & MATPoint®

MAThread® eliminates all seizing and jamming of fasteners from the most common problems, period. This usually results in an immediate end to ongoing assembly issues.

  • Prevents jamming and cross-threading during installation
  • Actively aligns every fastener and mating parts during assembly
  • Improves ergonomics and ease of assembly by reducing torque feedback
  • Reduced rectification, scrap and downtime costs

Phillips Square Driv

Phillips Square-Driv®

In larger, higher torque applications where stick-fit and off-angle driving are crucial, PHILLIPS SQUARE-DRIV® is especially useful. Fasteners can be better controlled at higher torque levels for optimum clamp loads. This reduces driver bit wear and eliminates driver cam-out which can cause recess reaming, component damage/rework and operator injury. The stabilizing ribs in the recess and driver bit ensure a class leading stable fit and further help eliminate cam-out

  • Secure wobble-free driving
  • Serviceable with square and generic Phillips drivers
  • Non-magnetic fastener-to-bit stick facilitates one-hand fastener installation
  • Distinctive head marking that easily identifies a PHILLIPS SQUARE-DRIV combination Drive System
  • Only three driver bit sizes required to cover the most popular size range


Use POWERLOK screws wherever you need reliable vibration resistance and continued high performance despite repeated assembly/disassembly – using normal tapped holes. These fasteners can be used in pre-tapped holes in ductile metals.

POWERLOK exceeds IFI locking screw standards – it has locking action you can’t wear out!
  • Enhanced locking ability
  • Continuous locking action
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Reusable
  • No special taps
  • Eliminates the need for add-on locking features such as patches and adhesives

Remform Screws Bolts


The REMFORM® screw is a round-bodied thread-forming fastener with a unique thread form, specifically designed for today’s wide range of plastics. REMFORM® screws not only form well-developed threads in pliable material, but are also competent for demanding applications utilizing the latest tough engineering grades of plastics. The same principles that make REMFORM® fasteners ideal for engineering grades of plastics make it equally suitable for other ductile materials such as wood and soft metals.

  • Minimises radial hoop stresses to reduce boss bursting versus traditional spaced thread fasteners
  • Low thread forming torque, when coupled with high failure torque, results in a wide, safe assembly torque range.
  • High pull-out resistance
  • High resistance to vibration loosening and stripping
  • Higher breaking torque which allows for higher assembly torque

Taptite 2000 Screws


TAPTITE 2000® thread forming technology joined two unique concepts and advanced fastener performance to new levels. TAPTITE 2000 fasteners afford end-users with enhanced opportunities to reduce the overall Cost of Assembly.

TAPTITE 2000 fasteners introduced an innovative new thread design – the Radius Profile™ Thread. The proven TRILOBULAR® principle is maintained with a dual lobularity in the screw body, while incorporating the Radius Profile Thread.
  • Assembly Friendly
  • Superior Vibration Resistance
  • Excellent Axial Alignment
  • Low End Load
  • High Strip-to-Drive Ratio
  • High Prevailing Torque
  • Excellent Torque Tension Relationship
  • Ergonomically Friendly – less torque required to thread form and fasten


Larger M12 – M18 Diameters Added to Existing MATHread® and Taptite® 2000


Optimas Solutions Licensed to Manufacture Phillips Drive Systems


Optimas Licensed to Produce Reminc Parts in the UK and US


Barton Cold-Form Holds UK Manufacturing Licenses for Taptite and MortorQ Super Products


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