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Whether you’re designing a new heat pump or trying to reduce your BOM on an air conditioning unit in production, we can provide the optimum fasteners for HVAC equipment.

We have a long history of supplying fasteners for HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) equipment, and we have a broad knowledge and understanding of the applications. Typically, our customers are involved in the manufacture, installation, service and/or maintenance.

The HVAC industry is currently experiencing intense demand, with the popularity for efficient heating equipment surging due to global conflicts and consequent risks to heating energy security and affordability. This has led to an unprecedented surge in demand for low-carbon emissions heating technologies that are also affordable and energy efficient. 

Plus, with many governments introducing increasingly stringent sustainability regulations, HVAC manufacturers are expected to ramp up their output of affordable, low-emissions equipment. 

To avoid part shortages and product downtime, it’s crucial that HVAC manufacturers optimise their production processes and streamline their supply chains to meet demand. 

HVAC Fastener Applications




Ground & Air Source Heat Pumps

Gas & Electric Space Heaters

Wood-Burning & Pellet Stoves

Gas & Electric Fires


Ceiling, Table & Floor fans
Air-Side Economizers
Air Distributors
Air Handling Units


Air & Water Cooled Chillers
Air & Water Cooled Heat Pumps
Fan Coils


Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable ties are strong and durable, perfect for HVAC systems.  Self-locking heads speed installation and have excellent resistance to weathering and ageing.

Cable Tie Gun

Cable Tie Guns

Enables quicker fastening and automatic cutting of cable ties with a trigger mechanism to reduce operator fatigue.

Heyco Stainless Steel Cable Clamps P Clips

Stainless Steel Cable Clamps (P Clips)

Perfect for clamping cable or tubing securely into place, especially in harsh environments.  They have smooth “coined” clamp edges to  prevent damage to cable insulation.

Braided Cable Sleeving

Braided Cable Sleeve

Braided cable sleeves are open-weave which enables easy examination of cables underneath and even allow removal of individual wires. Braided sleeving is also flexible and moulds to the shape you need whilst also allowing the cables to bend.

Polyethelene Cable Wrap

Spiral Cable Wrap

Spiral cable wrap bundles and protects cables, wires, tubing and hoses.  They absorb vibration, insulate cables and resist abrasion.

Heat-Stabilised Nylon Cable Ties

Heat-Stabilised Nylon Cable Tie

Heat-stabilised cable ties are ideal for indoor applications up to 115 degrees c.  They have a one-piece construction for consistent performance and reliability

Self-Adhesive Nylon Cable Tie Mounts

Nylon Cable Tie Mounts

Self-Adhesive cable tie mounts are a good consideration as they provide a secure anchorage for cable bundles and tubing.  They are versatile and easy to use.

Standard Nylon Cable Ties

Standard Nylon Cable Ties

Standard plastic cable ties are strong and durable.  They have a self-locking head to prevent removal.  They are made of nylon 6/6.

PVC-Covered Metal Conduit

PVC-Covered Metal Conduit

Metal conduit protects power cables and control wires.  They have high mechanical strength and are liquid tight making it suitable for use outdoors.

Plastic Nylon Blind Panel Rivets

Nylon Blind Panel Rivets

Also known as clinch rivets, blind plastic rivets are perfect for HVAC systems as they offer secure locking without soldering.  They work with a large range of panel thicknesses and offer easy installation by inserting the U-shaped body into the hole and tapping the T-shaped head with a hammer until flush.

Standard Grommets

Standard Grommets

Cables that pass between panels in your HVAC system need protecting.  They are installed quick and easily by snapping into place.  They are available in PVC and TPE (rubber).

Heyco White Plastic Nylon Cable Gland

Cable Glands

Cable glands, or cord grips are designed to seal and retain electrical cables by ensuring that they are properly attached and secured to the equipment they’re being fed into.  A seal is created to maintain this connection which also works to keep out dust and moisture.

Available in both plastic and brass construction, cable gland kits are offered in a range of sizes to suit all installations.  They are also known as liquid tight cordgrips.

White Plastic PCB Support Pillar

PCB Support Pillars

These flexible PCB spacers snap and lock into position. Following PCB installation, maintenance or repair, they can be flexed back after . Use as a locking arrowhead or locking bayonet, depending on the hole.

White Plastic PCB Spacer

PCB Spacers

These non-threaded, round spacers are installed by hand without the need for assembly equipment. Available in several different materials, including nylon 6/6 in a wide array of sizes.


Minimise Your Supply Chain Risk

Minimise Your Supply Chain

As your single source supplier offering competitive sourcing, fastener manufacturing and engineering, we can save you time and money.

Optimise Your Inventory

Optimise Your Inventory

With our Inventory Management solutions and engineering expertise you’ll dramatically reduce costs, speed fulfillment and boost productivity.

Enhance Your Operations

Enhance Your Operations

Our experts will “walk the line” with you and assess how you can increase your efficiency. We’ll analyse your operations and find ways to remove non-value activities and drive continuous improvement.

Improve Your Quality

Improve Your Quality

Receive quality products that meet your expectations, right production volume and on-time delivery

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