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Optimas: 7 Years, 7 Facts

Optimas | September 22, 2022

Optimas Solutions has an enviable heritage that can be traced back more than 100 years, but 2022 finds us celebrating 7 years of business in our current form. Let alone 100 years, the last 7 have seen a veritable whirlwind of changes in technology, processes and supply chains, even down to the way we operate and communicate as a business. However, what has remained unchanged during this time is our commitment to the partnerships we’ve formed in countless industries. This approach has enabled Optimas Solutions to become much more than a world-leading distributor and manufacturer, as many companies rely on our engineering knowledge and expertise to assist with their product development from the ground up. 

As we celebrate our 7th birthday, here are 7 facts that highlight Optimas’ position as the leading fastener and components distributor and service provider. 


1 – Cold Forming 

Did you know Optimas is the only cold-form fastener manufacturer in both the UK and the US? Our state-of-the-art cold forming facilities not only produce quality fasteners at high volumes but do so sustainably. 89% of cold forming waste material is recycled, with 0% sent to landfill. If you’re based in the UK or the US, by partnering with us for your manufacturing needs, you’ll be onshoring your supply. This means you can avoid supply chain risk and reduce your carbon footprint. 

2 – Quality Labs 

At Optimas, we use state-of-the-art fastener inspection, measurement and testing capabilities to provide you with reliable, quality parts. Our quality labs rapidly prototype and test your new and improved designs to make sure you’re delivering quality products, every time. We’re also dedicated to a zero-defect culture, meaning we’ll only supply you with parts that have been approved by our rigorous qualification process.   

3 – Global Engineers 

Did you know we have a team of global fastener engineers that can work with you on your products? Our engineers can work with you from product development to assembly line to reduce your outgoings and improve your product quality. You can contact one of our experts here.

4 – OptiTech VMI Solutions 

Our OptiTech VMI solutions mitigate supply chain risk, save money and boost productivity by ensuring you have the right products, at the right time. VMIs allow for enhanced inventory visibility, resulting in improved forecasting accuracy so you can meet demand. We’re also dedicated to a zero-defect culture, meaning we’ll only supply you with parts that have been approved by our rigorous qualification process. 

5 – 9.1 billion parts from over 4000 different suppliers 

On average, Optimas delivers 9.1 billion quality parts to our partners, from over 4000 different trusted suppliers. We also manufacture over 1 billion parts annually out of our Droitwich and Wood Dale facilities.  

6 – Powered by Renewable Energy 

Did you know 100% of Optimas’ UK facilities are powered by renewable energy? We also recycle 100% of our additive manufacturing waste. The focus is firmly on industry to protect our natural environment, and Optimas is setting the standard. 

7 – An Award-Winning Company 

Our manufacturing and supply chain expertise has been recognised by industry leaders around the world. Most recently, Optimas was awarded the Cummins Quality Excellence Award, the Torque Magazine Employee Engagement Initiative and made it into the Industrial Distributor Magazine 2021 Big 50 List, ranking at number 21. We strive to provide only the best products and services for our customers. You can find out more about our various awards here. 


Our fastening and supply chain solutions have helped manufacturers around the globe improve their productivity and profitability for years. Work with us to reduce your outgoings and increase your output.