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Take The Optimum Approach to Tunnelling with Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Products

Optimas | August 8, 2017

Tunnels form an important part of a rapid transit network for traffic and utilities. As areas of populace grow ever larger, tunnels are good for boosting infrastructure in tight spaces, or functioning as a traditional bypass through or below large obstacles. Though impressive in their construction, tunnels still require a myriad of individual components to effectively function, which can grow exponentially in number depending on tunnel size. Thankfully, Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Products has been supplying solutions for over 20 years, helping to streamline pre-cast segment tunnelling projects.

Tunnelling is a specialised and intensive construction discipline. Typically, every tunnel will have different requirements, for example to allow trains or utilities to pass, or to travel under a body of water or residential area. Furthermore, workloads, fire ratings, safety and build schedule are all paramount concerns. Pre-cast concrete segments are usually used in such construction projects. To achieve the utmost efficiency in construction, partnering with a premium fastener supplier such as Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Products can help to simplify component requirements and expedite project schedules.

Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Dowel Component

Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Products provide a complete range of bespoke or standardised bolting systems, dowel systems, centring systems & shear dowels, grout-lift sockets, guiding rods & packers plus pre-cast accessories and security systems. All components are designed and developed in-house by Optimas Sofrasar, which is backed by a strong supply structure, meaning that even bespoke parts can be delivered at a competitive cost point.

However, involvement is not merely confined to component supply. Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Products can also actively assist in the design phase for pre-cast concrete segment tunnels. This enables the continuous optimisation of a project fastener policy, which generates cost savings via a reduced bill of materials for customers. With a defined fastener methodology, concrete segment tunnel construction can move quicker and more smoothly.

Finite element analysis can also be used to help specify components that are perfectly suited to the required tunnel application, guaranteeing that the solution will perform exactly as is needed. Furthermore, a full range of testing tools are available to prove the suitability of specified systems, with specific test protocol enacted for each component variant. Highly specialised testing rigs and softwares are available, which allows for total confirmation of mechanical resistance prior to installation on-site. Durability testing is also offered, providing contractors with complete reassurance that any fastener supplied will offer maximum performance and service life in application. To bolster this, Optimas Sofrasar use a number of state-of-the-art laboratories all over the world to independently test components and guarantee optimum performance.

Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Products blend a global logistics network with a local ethos, delivering highly specialised components around the world to support almost any tunnelling application. In addition, engineers are stationed close by during projects, allowing a speedy response to any component issues that may arise in the construction phase. This integrated structure increases project efficiency is increased, guarantees component quality and saves both money and time.

Partnering with Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Products early in a pre-cast concrete segment tunnelling project allows component policy to be quickly developed and defined, generating cost savings via component optimisation and a reduced bill of materials. A full range of standardised or customised parts is available, backed by independent testing and over two decades of experience in the industry. A global supply network is complemented by local expertise, allowing for a balance between reliability of supply and agility of response. Optimas Sofrasar Tunnel Products engineers can therefore become familiar with each particular project’s component requirements, offering guidance throughout the construction process.

Ultimately this approach enables efficient construction, allowing more time to focus on other aspects of the tunnelling project. This results in a combination of reduced costs and expedited construction schedules. Contact us to maximise your tunnelling efficiencies.